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Reasons to Adopt From a Shelter Animal Shelter Software PetBridge


Looking for a new pet? There’s no better place  than your local animal shelter. It’s filled with loving animals waiting to find a happy home. The dogs and cats in shelters aren’t “problem animals” locked up for bad behavior. The majority of shelter animals are former family pets who have been abandoned by owners. They are healthy, lovable animals bursting with personality who just want the opportunity to be loved. Time is critical for shelter animals due to overcrowding. It’s a matter of life and death. PetBridge shelter software helps animal shelters connect pets with new owners at much faster rates. There are several reasons why it’s better to adopt from an animal shelter.

PetBridge Shelter Software Quickly Connects New Owners with Animals

1. Save a Life

Abandoned dogs and cats just want another chance at life. However, 50 percent of shelter animals are euthanized each year (Humane Society). You’re not just adopting a new best friend from a shelter – you’re also saving a life.


2. Overpopulation

Nearly 8 million animals wind up in shelters each year. There just isn’t enough room. Half of these animals will lose their lives. Adopting a shelter dog or cat gives space to another animal in need, and helps cut down on shelter overcrowding.


3. Adult Animals

Shelters are the perfect place to find a pre-trained, well-behaved adult animal that has passed the kitten or puppy faze. Adult animals make ideal pets and there are so many looking for a new home.


4. Wide Selection

There are so many breeds and personality types available at an animal shelter. You’ll be sure to find the perfect pet for you and your family.


5. Healthy Animals

Animals that come through the shelter system receive vaccinations and veterinary care. All animals are healthy and ready to adopt!


PetBridge simplifies the adoption process with our innovative animal shelter software. We use your shelter’s existing intake database to match pets with the perfect owner. Shelters can showcase animals in real time by displaying video, images, and “Meet-Your-Match” data without any duplicate data entry required. Your shelter’s pet listings are automatically sent to more than 100 different national websites, which dramatically improves the likelihood of your animals finding a loving family. Built by Baseline Creative, our shelter software makes a difference in the lives of both pets and owners. Please contact PetBridge for more information about our shelter software, pet adoption apps and the Lost & Found Poster Generator.

Finding Pets Forever Homes with Shelter Software PetBridge


Almost 8 million animals end up in shelters each year in the United States. There is nothing “wrong” with these animals. It’s NOT their fault. They aren’t damaged or “defected.” These animals are adoptable pets who want nothing more than to find a loving home. Unfortunately, due to the overcrowding of shelters, happy endings are a rare outcome. Shelters remain crowded, animals are euthanized, and potential owners and pets never find each other. PetBridge shelter software provides a happy solution for animal shelters, owners and pets.

PetBridge Shelter Software Saves Animal Lives

Why do so many animals end up in shelters? Dogs and cats aren’t locked up because they’ve committed a crime, or because they are “problem pets.” The reality of the situation is far more complex. Most pets are given up by families for many heartbreaking reasons.


  • The family moved and couldn’t take the pet with them.
  • There was a life-changing event (new baby, death in the family, divorce).
  • Owners didn’t have enough time to spend with their pets.
  • They had too many animals and someone had to go.
  • It was too expensive to care for their pet.


None of these situations are the fault of the animal. Even animals with “behavior problems” can be easily trained with obedience lessons. Owners who give up on their pets think that an animal shelter will easily find their furry friends a new home. Other owners know that many animals are euthanized, and have to make a hard decision.


These situations don’t have to end in tragedy. PetBridge and Baseline Creative offer a variety of shelter software applications that save animal lives. Animal shelters across the United States use PetBridge shelter software to match pets to families. This results in less crowded shelters, more lives saved, and pets finding forever homes at faster rates. Our ReHome feature also helps owners who are forced to give up their pet. ReHome allows users to upload animal photos and information, so they can find their pet a new “forever home” instead of taking them to a shelter. Please contact PetBridge for more information on shelter software, pet adoption apps and the Lost & Found Poster Generator. We look forward to helping your animal shelter find happy solutions!