PetBridge Rabies Tag Database—Helping Reunite Pets and Their Families Faster

At PetBridge our job is to help shelters so they can find forever homes for the animals in their care. But what if we could reunite pets and families before the animal is sent to the shelter? That’s the thinking behind the PetBridge Rabies Tag Database.

Every pet should have the required rabies vaccination and the tag on their collar—it’s the law. Sometimes ID tags are forgotten, or fall off, and not every pet is microchipped—so using the rabies tag to ID the pet and the owner and veterinarian is another way pets can be reunited with their owners.

How Does the Rabies Tag Database Work?

Submit your pet’s rabies tag number into the database along with the pet’s name, your name and the contact information for your veterinarian. If someone finds your pet and there is no ID tag, just the rabies tag, they can still help you reunite with your pet.

If you’ve found a pet with a rabies tag, but no ID, and no microchip, search in the PetBridge database to see if you can find the owner.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We’re here to help!