Saving Lives

Animal Shelter Software & Pet Adoption Apps

PetBridge serves shelters across the country, saving thousands of animals each year. Our animal shelter software and pet adoption apps keep shelters less crowded, matches pets with owners faster, and saves the lives of more animals. The PetBridge pet adoption portal is a connectivity system that gives animal shelters an innovative way to communicate directly with potential adopters looking for a specific breed or characteristic.

Highlights of the PetBridge system:

  • Affordable solution to help shelters operate more professionally
  • Implemented quickly
  • Takes virtually no staff time to manage
  • Makes it easier for staff to interact with customers
  • Impresses donors
  • Allows you to create downloadable reports on all system activities
  • Saves Animal Lives

Custom Search Functions

PetBridge animal shelter software allows users to search the available pets in your shelter at any time (even when you’re closed). Our goal is to save lives, while finding happy solutions for animals, owners and shelters. PetBridge creates customizable search functions for your shelter’s website, allowing customers to quickly find animals by:

  • Location
  • Type
  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Size
  • Meet Your Match

Other optional searches including:

  • Whether the animal is house-trained
  • Whether the animal is declawed
  • Whether the animal has lived with other animals
  • Whether the animal has lived with children
  • And so much more!

Real-Time Feeds

Our animal shelter software automates the delivery of your database into your website, Facebook page, Petfinder,, and over 200 other national websites!

This automation:

  • Expands your shelter’s visibility to potential adopters across the country
  • Eliminates any out-of-date listings floating around on the internet
  • Reduces staff time


PetAlert keeps users connected to your shelter through our innovative notification system. This encourages those with specific match criteria to continue with the adoption process, rather than purchase through a breeder, pet store, or Craigslist.

Potential adopters receive real-time automatic notifications via email or text the moment a pet meeting their criteria is available.

The pet adoption database can be exported including all personal details (name, address, email, etc.), which allows shelters to:

  • Further grow a relationship with the customer
  • Create reports illustrating the lives saved through the program
  • Define what animals people are looking for
  • And so much more!

Mobile Pet Adoption App for iPhone & Android

The PetBridge custom pet adoption app gives potential owners the capability to browse available animals from their smartphone or tablet.

Pet Adoption App users:

  • Can look for animals currently available from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet
  • Learn more about the individual cats, dogs and other animals who are ready and waiting to find their forever homes
  • Sign up for PetAlert to receive a notification when a pet matching their specific criteria becomes available
  • Can see shelter hours and information
  • Can make donations via an easy link
  • Receive information about volunteering

Mobile Pet ReHoming

One of the best ways to save lives is to prevent animals from coming to a shelter in the first place. Sometimes owners make the difficult decision of giving their pet up for adoption. Unfortunately, due to overcrowding in animal shelters, the fate of their beloved companion is now uncertain. The PetBridge ReHome feature provides a custom site for shelters working with owners who seek to rehome their pet!

The process is easy:

  • Owners list their pets on your shelter’s website for rehoming. The pet profiles feature photos and detailed information about the pet along with contact information.
  • These listings help connect potential adopters with owners who are giving up their pets.
  • Interested parties then contact the owner directly, allowing your pet shelter to serve as a community resource.
  • Owners don’t give their pets to a shelter, the shelter doesn’t become overpopulated, and pets find a “forever home” with a loving new owner!

Development and Communications Support

PetBridge animal shelter software helps organizations run more efficiently with the following services:

  • Design of special event collateral including posters and brochures
  • Website development
  • Branding
  • Implementation of creative and custom functionality with your third-party fundraising software
  • Website hosting
  • Social media setup, implementation and support
  • Creation of trade show materials
  • Creation of fillable forms
  • Email marketing